Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Diet Tips

1.Keep out the cold
Although it’s cold in winter, yet diet accomodation can be warm-up.But what food should you eat to keep out the cold in winter? There is a small tip.Generally speaking, food from the cold places has a role of warming body,while food from warm places has a role of cooling body. For instance, food growing in the soil like potatoes, sweet potatoes is able to warm your body,but spinach, lettuce and others which belong to the overground part of plants are easy to let your body cool. So in the cold season, select some warm-up food to share with your family as soon as possible.

2. Prevent getting fat
Winter is coming and now we have to prevent getting fat in this season. Well, what should you pay attention to in the diet?
Trick 1: Eat a lot of vegetables
Recommendations: Eat fresh vegetables raw.Glucose in fiber-rich vegetables is higher than the raw provided they undergo a cooking (even if only boiled), so raw are better than cooked.
Trick 2: Substitute sweets with fruit
Recommendations:Most of the fruit contains low glucose, so eat every day will not affect the effect of weight loss.
Trick 3: Eat fruit and lactic acid drinks and enjoy the fun of snacks
Recommendations:Adding fruit in lactic acid drinks also add a unique flavor, which can slow the absorption of dairy products.

3. Prevent and treat stomach illness
Due to the stimulation of cold, the body's autonomic nerve function is in disorder, and the normal routine of gastrointestinal peristalsis is disrupted, so that it’s easy to lead to the recurrence of stomach illness. Following several dainty cooked soups have the role of prevention and treatment for gastropathy patient.

Longan,jujube date and yam soup

Prepare 12 grains of jujube dates, about 300 grams of yam, two spoonfuls of longan meats and 1 / 2 cup sugar. After macerating jujube, peeling and dicing yam, add them to water and cook them until being soft,then add seasoning longan meat and sugar. When longan meat is cooked to be dispersed, you can turn off fire and ladle it out to eat. Yam has the function of nourishing spleen and stomach,while longan and jujube have the role of replenishing gas and blood and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Radish and mutton soup

Prepare 750 grams of sheep belly meat, 500 grams of white radish, and appropriate coriander, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, scallion, ginger, pepper. Wash the lamb, cut it into thick filament, then wash radish and cut it into silk. Ignite fire and pour oil into the pot, add ginger and pour boiling water into the pot after frying aroma,then add salt, chicken essence, cooking wine and pepper.After the water is boiled, first add lamb to cook thoroughly, then put in white radish , turn to small fire and cook it.Finally sprinkle leek and coriander leaves and the soup is ok.This soup can supple the center and boost gas, warm stomach and dispel cold.

Perilla, ginger and jujube date soup

Prepare 10 grams of fresh perilla leaves, 3 pieces of ginger and 15 grams of red dates.First wash dates in water, remove nucleus,and cut ginger into film,then cut fresh perilla leaves into wire,put it into a large casserole filled with warm water with ginger, red dates together and cook with conflagration. After water is boiled, switch to low fire and braise it for 30 minutes,then fish out perilla leaves and ginger, continue to braise it using low fire for 15 minutes. This soup can warm stomach and dispel cold,helping digestion and gas promoting.

White pepper and pig bag soup

Prepare 30-50 grains of white pepper, a pig bag,and a little salt, cooking wine and MSG. First wash the pig bag(You can add salt, vinegar and scald it with hot water.), pour water into pot and put in pig bag block (or wire), then add white pepper, and boil for two hours or so.When soup is thick and belly is broken, add salt , cooking wine, MSG and the soup is ok. This soup can be consumed before dinner. Pepper has a warm character,can warm the center and dispel cold. Pig bag can strengthen and nourish the stomach.