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Natural herbs for stress

Do you have stress in your life? If left untreated, stress can be a serious health hazard
that affects both mental and physical wellbeing. Excessive stress robs the body of nutrients, harms the cardiovascular system, and lowers the effectiveness of the immune system. stress can induce depression, anxiety, anger, fear, and other negative patterns. How well do you deal with stress? What can you do? And if it happens to teenagers it is not advisable to go for medication..

Herbs can reduce or even eliminate some of the negative effects that stress can cause.Some herbs are the best treatment for physical ailments, while others work better for psychological problems. Managing your emotions and mastering your reactions to stress will be the necessary steps you must take to "curestress, but meanwhile, herbs can definitely help.

A number of herbs are so precious, so powerful and so well balanced that they may be taken individually. Most herbs should be combined with other herbs in order to bring out the specific desired functions and to mitigate undesired effects.

Stress relieving herbs can be divided into 4 types.

Herbs for treating anxiety and depressions

st john's wort
- antidepressant, sedative, relieves pain, antiviral, tonic for anxiety, tension, insomnia and depression, used for centuries fro emotional and nervous complaints
valerian - a pure nervine, powerfully antispasmodic, soothing, quieting and calming, stimulates and heals the nerves
skullcap - good in neuralgia, aches and pains and many other nervous disorders, one of the best nerve tonics, sedative, effective in mental disorders, has a deep action on the nervous system
cedar berries - helps with low blood sugar, furnishes insulin to the body, will heal the pancreas in cases of hypoglycemia or diabetes
black root - tonic, relaxant hepatic, depurant, mildly removes toxins and congestion vervain - relaxes the nerves, produces a feeling of well-being, tonic for the nervous system, soothes and allays fevers in virus colds
mistletoe - will relieve panic attacks, headaches, eases anxiety, promotes sleep, effective in epilepsy, convulsions, hysteria, delirium, nervous debility and heart troubles
passion flower - produces refreshing sleep when emotionally upset, mentally worried or overtired, good for hysteria, strengthens the nervous system, used in tension illness
wild yam - soothes the nerves and relieves pain, valued in nervousness, restlessness and nausea, reduces inflammation and pain, balances hormones
peppermint - soothing for relaxation, soothes the lining and muscles of the colon, relieves muscle spasms, carminative, digestive aid, allays upset stomach
chamomile - relaxes tense aching muscles, relieves irritability and contains tryptophan, which works like a sedative in the body to induce sleep, relaxant
hops flowers - relaxes and strengthens the nerves, relaxes tension, relieves anxiety, eases headaches, produces restful sleep, digestive stimulant
bladder pod - one of the strongest herbal relaxants, has a beneficial effect on the whole body, a synergistic herb, causing the other herbs to work more effectively, valuable in distress crisis, balances the glands
wood betony - a mild sedative to the central nervous system, good for the immune system, excellent for headache
fever few - natural relief for migraine headaches, used to help in dizziness, tinnitus and provides improved circulation to the head and brain, strengthens the immune system
blue cohosh - cleanses, builds and helps to sustain health, contains anti-bacterial properties to calm nerves and relieve muscular pain, helps heart palpitations, good for neuralgia
cascara - cleanses the bowel of toxic waste, which can cause nervousness, beneficial to the liver, helpful with insomnia, restores tone to the bowel
cayenne - a natural, powerful stimulant, benefits the heart and circulatory system, good circulation is the key to healing in the body, synergistic, helps with headaches and depression, excellent nervine

Herbs for relaxation of nerve cells

blue vervain
- relaxes the nerves, produces a feeling of well-being, soothes and allays fevers in virus colds
damiana - tonic for the nervous system, nervine, general body cleanser, diuretic, aperient, hormonal
spearmint - soothing to the nerves, stomachic, strengthens the body, helps with cramps and spasms
mistletoe - will relieve panic attacks headaches, eases anxiety, promotes sleep, effective in epilepsy, convulsions, hysteria, delirium, nervous debility and heart troubles, lessens cerebral excitement
valerian - nourishing and soothing to the nervous system, useful in hysterics, useful in colic, low fevers, and to break up colds, can serve as a substitute for Valium to overcome addiction, nervine
scullcap - one of the best nerve tonics, very quieting and soothing to the nerves, good in neuralgia, aches and pains, and many other nervous disorders, useful with drug and alcohol withdrawal, nervine
lady's slipper - rebuilds a damaged and frayed nerve sheath, excellent for nervous headaches and irritability, helpful in stroke and hysteria, effective nerving for all stress, tension and anxiety states, relaxant
lobelia - has a beneficial effect on the whole body, powerful relaxant w/many diseases, balances the glands, valuable in stress crisis, herb that is powerful in removing disease and promoting health
cayenne - stimulant, synergist, used with lobelia it acts as a nervine, anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic, antiseptic
st john's wort - nervine, sedative, powerful blood purifier, helpful with after pains, good in hysteria and nervous affections, useful for chronic fatigue syndrome and mental burnout, anti-inflammatory
hops flowers - relaxing and strengthening to the nerves, relaxes tension, relieves anxiety, fast acting nervine, produces sleep, good remedy for toothache and earache, tones the liver, soothes inflammations
wood betony - acts as a mild sedative to the central nervous system, good for the immune system, excellent for headache, protects against epidemic diseases, excellent for the stomach and for pains in the head

Herbs for calming body and to get sleep

valerian root
- nourishing and soothing to the nervous system, slows the action of the heart, while increasing its general force, helps reduce anxiety, tension, and hysteria, helpful in insomnia, diuretic, tonic
hops flowers - produces sleep, relaxing and strengthening to the nerves, relaxes tension and relieves anxiety, relieves muscle spasms, relieves pain and reduces fevers, used to decrease the desire for alcohol
blue vervain - relaxes the nerves, useful in sleeplessness, nervousness and nervous headache, is a quieting herb that helps calm coughing and is a natural tranquilizer, produces an overall feeling of well being
black cohosh - helpful with nervous disorders, excellent remedy for high blood pressure, nerving, helpful in epileptic seizures, dizziness, convulsions, contains anti-bacterial properties to calm nerves and relieve muscular pain, soothes local pains and is used for headaches, relieves or prevents spasms,
cayenne - restorative, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, antispasmodic, reaches every organ in the body, acts mainly on the circulation, it also acts on the nervous structures, used with lobelia as a nerving
lady's slipper - nerving, antispasmodic, helps with hysteria, and nervous irritability, relieves muscular pain, rebuilds damaged and frayed nerve sheath, enhances calming and easing of the mind
lobelia - has a beneficial effect on the whole body, powerful relaxant in many diseases, balances the glands, valuable in stress crisis, synergistic herb, effective in causing immediate relaxation
scullcap - one of the best nerve tonics, very quieting and soothing to the nerves, good in many nervous disorders, acts on nervous system, calming nervous excitement, has detoxification properties
wood betony - acts as a mild sedative to the central nervous system, good for the immune system, excellent for headache, protects against epidemic diseases, good for head and facial pains/nervous disorders
mistletoe - will relieve panic attacks, headaches, eases anxiety, promotes sleep effective in epilepsy, convulsions, hysteria, nervous disability and heart troubles, acts on the nervous system as a sedative
lily of the valley - very quieting to the heart, useful in epilepsy, vertigo, and convulsions, diuretic, heart tonic
spearmint - soothes and settles the nerves, will settle a nervous stomach, increases blood circulation

Herbs for head and body aches

- relief for migraine headaches, strengthens the nervous system, helps with dizziness and relieving colds.

valerian - nourishing the nervous system, sedative, relaxant, relieves muscle spasms, anxiety and tension
chamomile - contains typotophan which works in the body to induce natural sleep, helpful to the nerves
lavender - antidepressant, relieves muscle spasms, stimulates blood flow, soothing and calming
white willow - helpful for the nerves, used for pain and fever, astringent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory wood
betony - natural stimulant, mild sedative to the central nervous system, strengthens the immune system
balm - calming to the central nervous system, relaxant, antispasmodic, nerve tonic, antiviral, used for anxiety, mild depression, restlessness, irritability scullcap - works on the spinal cord and nervous system, food for emotional conflict, worry and restless- ness, sedative, nervine tonic, helps rebuild nerve ending in the brain, beneficial for headaches
bladderpod - relaxant, relieves pain, synergistic herb causing the other herbs to work better
lime flower - antispasmodic, sedative, calms the mind, allows easy sleep, excellent remedy for stress
ginkgo - anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, circulatory stimulant & tonic, improves cerebral circulation
catnip - helpful for the nerves, helps to balance the body, sedative, stimulates sweating, thus reducing fever, helpful in treating headaches related to digestive problems
peppermint - helpful with digestive problems, soothing, helps to relax the body, cleansing, carminative, to relieve headaches related to digestive problems or weakness
passion flower - sedative, antispasmodic, tranquilizing, helps insomnia, reduces nervous over activity and panic
vervain - nervine, tonic, mild sedative, mild bitter, mild antidepressant
peruvian bark - antimalarial, tonic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, improves irregularity of heartbeat

Always consult with your doctor or naturopath before trying an herbal remedy, and if you are already on an anti-anxiety drug regimen, please be aware that discontinuing it without medical supervision can lead to serious, even fatal consequences.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Calcium, Nap, Bask - Sub-Health Prescription

Medical experts pointed out that if a person's long-term efficiency is low, being tired easily, can’t raise spirit when doing things; or being in long-term Jittery mood, insomnia, forgettery; or being in long-term loss of appetite, sluggish spirit, anxiety and depression; or feeling weak, depressed in mood,in deterioration of human relationships, then I am afraid that this man has been living in the sub-healthy state. Sub-health is not a state which can not be adjusted, Below is a simple health prescription.
The first is to have balanced nutrition and reasonable diet.Nutrients like vitamins, fatty foods, protein, cellulose, sugar and minerals can’t be lacked in daily diet.

Secondly, vitamin has big effects. People who engage in character work or often operate a computer are easier to get ocular fatigue, decreased vision. Vitamin A has a certain effect to prevent visual weakening,so it is necessary to eat more fish, liver, leek, and other food.People who often stay in office have less opportunity to expose in the sun, then they need to eat more fish, chicken liver, and other foods rich in vitamin D. when people are under enormous psychological pressure, the consumption of vitamin C will be increased significantly, so they should eat as many fresh vegetables, fruits as possible.

Third, calcium supplements can soothe the nerves. Drinking milk, dairy products such as yogurt, eating dried fish, bone soup, and other calcium-rich foods can avoid anger and prevent the occurrence of aggressive behavior, playing a role in sedation.

Fourth, take more care of yourself after dinner party.People often go out for dinner party lack vitamins and minerals,so they should eat more vegetables, fruits, bean products, kelp, laver, and other foods.

Fifth, the alcaline food can be anti-fatigue. After a lot of manual labor,too many metabolism things are accumulated in human body, resulting in acidic fluid, so that people have a sense of fatigue. In order to maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, you can eat more fruit-based alkaline food, such as watermelon, peach, plum, apricot, lychee, melon, cherry, strawberry and so on.

Sixth, basking can be refreshing. Exposure to sunlight can make your sentiment strong, and you’ll be willing to engage in challenging activities. And basking in the morning light for half an hour has a particular effect for those often being sluggish, or having a tendency to depression.

Seventh, nap in the afternoon can be effective. About half an hour’s nap can ensure the efficiency in the afternoon.You’d better lie in bed or sofa, extending your body. Don’t bend over the table for sleeping, so as not to limit the air by your posture and tense up your neck and back muscles,or you will feel very uncomfortable after waking up and are prone to chronic neck and shoulder disease. In addition, extracting some time for sit-in and relaxation every day,or sparing a few days in a year or a month from the cities into forests, regulating your nerve in nature, which are all conducive to the elimination of sub-health state.
beauty: First Supply Water And Then Whiten Your Skin

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feel the pulse to know your health

Hi,everyone, tell you a trick, you can know your own health through feeling your pulse. When getting cold, lightly press your hand on the oar artery, if you can clearly aware of the pulse beat,it’s commonly referred to as the floating pulse. If you have to push hard to touch the pulse of the beating, it’s called deep pulse,usually seen in a number of chronic diseases, showing that the deeper lesion has been involved in internal organs. Faster beating pulse is called number pulse, which mostly reflects the the disease of heat. Slowing down pulse, known as the tardy pulse, is the reflection of cold in disease. Feeble beating pulse is called empty pulse, which is known as lacking of healthy energy. A strong pulse, known as the real pulse, expresses high healthy energy.So, if you feel unwell, through feeling your pulse, you can generally realize your own health and decide what to do next. You may have a try.

The use of acupuncture treatment

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, good health depends on a kind of vital energy cycle, which is the body's "gas." This energy exists in the venation of the whole body, where acupuncture points located. When the function of an apparatus is too active or decreased, the energy cycle will become abnormal. Among the channels there is a place plugged which should be got through. Therefore, acupuncture therapy can cure illness, making the venation cycle back to normality.
The first step for acupuncture treatment needs at least 45 minutes, You should deeply know of the disease, observing furred tongue, face, and palpation. (bleak parts, too soft parts, etc.) Another way is unique for herbalist doctors - to feel the pulse, the doctors Can understand the patient's physical state in this way. Fine-needle acupuncture to stimulate the energy channels can strengthen damaged tissue and reshape its harmony. However, as for the same disease, the acupuncture points that the patient needs for treatment are not necessarily the same.They vary from person to person.
Acupuncture treatment still has treatment effect for mental illness and emotional problems, The Oriental medicine has always linked all these problems with physical illnesses because all the pressure, sadness or anger will make emerging imbalances in the body cycle.
This slowdown in the treatment of pain has been repeatedly verified. This is a very good approach to treat chronic diseases or repeated colitis, insomnia, depression. It also can improve high blood pressure, allergies, headaches, fatigue, as well as the hormone imbalance.
Commonly used acupuncture therapy includes acupuncture, moxibustion and other methods. "Needle" means "acupuncture",which is a way using a needle to stimulate acupuncture points to treat disease. "Moxibustion" refers to the moxa roll, which uses a burning moxa to burn or comfort in the acupuncture points to treat disease. Acupuncture can dredge venation, reconcile the yin and yang, strengthen body resistance and eliminate pathogenic factors.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Appropriate daily meditation can help you drive away stress and fatigue.

Appropriate daily meditation can help you drive away stress and fatigue.
The researchers in Mayo Women's Health Clinical Research Center said that proper thought benefits your health.It can help you relax, slow your breathing and lower your heart rate and muscle tension; meditation can also reduce your body's response for adrenaline,which can lift your blood pressure and viscosity.
People often relax themselves through meditation, surely it can help people remove fatigue. You can find a quiet place, and then sit comfortably, relax, close your eyes and imagine as simple a word as “one”. When other thoughts intrude, focus your energy and try to think of the previous word.
The following is a small skill for meditation: First of all, pay attention to your breathing. Exhale and inhale air slowly and pay attention to the space between the two breathing; Second, you are concerned about the words or phrases you are meditating and psychological content; Third, you are concerned about the feelings of your body, voice in your mind and ideas in your consciousness in meditation. Let them across your mind, but do not judge and analyze them.
Adhere to the practice for 20 minutes or so a day. At first you may think this is a waste of time, but in the end you will find that it can make you remain calm in high-pressure environment and at the same time you can maintain good health.

Yoga,a special body distillate

This is an introduction of our updated exercise.
Yoga can help you stabilize your emotion , improve your attention, remove mental pressure and fret mood , and restore your life vigor. People nowadays care more for higher living quality, thus the Well-being concept is introduced to daily life. Yoga is one of the most classic ways in it. It can reach therapy effect by body balance and quick contraction and relaxation of muscle. Yoga is the updated research results of body science.It has great influence in muscle,ligamentum, nervous system and skeleton,and is a very special human body strengthening treatment.
Yoga has the following effects: First,through various posture such as high and low , left and right , front and back inversion actions,you can make the locations,which don’t move often in the ordinary time,also active, thereby rectifying your backbone.Second,yoga promotes intestine's expansion and shrinkage motion by various actions. It can stabilize the inner environment of respiratory,circulatory and hormonal system, help people to keep fine mental state.At last, this motion has good effects to promote a steatolysis and make a body shape. One thing you should be aware is that although it is a static exercise,it’s also an exquisite aerobic exercise,having a very high heat consumption.
Here I introduce secrets of body shape aimed yoga.

subtract redundant meat from the waist , buttock and ankle
Yoga can strengthen hepar and gallbladder's function , rectify skew backbone and locations such as shoulder , pelvis. This way has a good effect to get rid of redundant meat from your waist , buttock , calf and ankle.
1.Flatly open your legs , with the gap a bit
greater than your shoulder width.
2. Your left foot rotates 90 degree and right foot
rotates 30 degree or so.
3. stretch two arms out to the side.
4. While making air-breathing , lean against left slowly.

subtract redundant dreadful abdomen meat
Subtract redundant meat from elongating the back , contracting abdomen. Yogaespecially can help you harmonize abdomen and waist equilibrium state , making these two locations form a beautiful curve.
1. Make your legs forward and big toes combined together.
2. Rise your waist, inhale air and hold up your
arms forward.
3. Exhale , curve the upper part of your body, make your forehead or the lower
jaw stick to your leg,with your hands holding tiptoes.

Remove dropsy and lower limbs adiposity
Yoga can stimulate your pelvis , abdomen , keep the health of your kidney , prostate, bladder , lighten agony of urine system patients,treat hucklebone neuralgia,and help to nurse unsteady women’s Menstrual Cycle.
1. Sit in ground , curve your knees, move your feet to your body.
2. Open your thigh and stick soles of your feet together.
3. Cross your two hands together and hold your feet tightly,then erect your backbone.
4. Exhale , with the upper part of your body slowly curving forward.
5. Inhale, rise your busto gradually in the order of your head , chest and abdomen.

Remove redundant shoulder meat and cure constipation
Yoga can elongate your back muscle, make it especially soft ,prevent and cure the prolapse phenomenon of your backbone and kidney. Each arthrosis of your backbone will be elongated, that can promote blood circulation and thereby attain the effect of preventing ageing. And it also has an effect to cure chronic constipation, removing redundant meat of your shoulder and back.
1. Lean your back against the ground ,with your face upward.
2. Put your palms on the ground next to buttock.
3 Hook in the tiptoe and the mandible entad.
4.Stand up with your feet at an angle of 45 degree, and put them on your head.

Remove the redundant meat of side waist
Curve your abdomen extremely.It can reduce the weight of your abdomen and waist,eliminate your pain of back or waist ,at the same time loosen the stiff muscle of your neck and shoulder.
1. Sit in ground , stand straight after curving your legs.
2. Curve you left leg with your left ankle put on the right of your buttock.
3. Lift your right leg , put your sole outside your left leg and erect your knee.
4. Lift your standing knee of right leg by using your left arm
5. Move your right hand to the back and twist your body. Look at the finger tip at the right side of your back.

Listening to music is a nice way to eliminate fatique

This is your chance to select some nice music to enjoy.
You can listen to different kind of music when you are in different mood.

When you are tired,you can listen to some light music,like 《Bandari》
Music to eliminate fatique:《Moonlight Of Spring River》,Vivaldi cello concerto 《Spring》in 《Four Seasons》,Debussy orchestral cento《Ocean》and Handel cento《Water Music》;
Refreshing music:Beethoven 《symphony NO.5 Pastorale》, Tchaikovsky《Symphony NO.6》(Allegro);
Hopeful music: Chinese work《Elixir Of Love》violin concerto《The Butterfly Lovers》John Strauss《The Blue Danube》Bizet opera《Carmen》
More happy music:Chinese work《Beaming with joy》,《Step by step》,《Tide》in《Peer Gynt》cento,etc.

A Convinent Therapy For Mankind

Laugh is the unique expression of mankind,it drives movement of muscles in chest,abdomen,mouth,lip,and face at the same time.The part managing laughter is in the right brain.One of the most important steps for modernists empoldering right brain is to burst into hearty laughter.

When people laugh, they can enhance the healthily running of the cardiovascular system, and along with the deepening of the laughter extent,the brain secretes a hormone with sedative and analgesic effect. At the same time, adrenaline in blood increases, body temperature rises, breathing and heart rate are speeding up,so the effectiveness is better than aerobics.
Laugh is a miracle drug for many patients, In the laughter from heart, pathological emotions can be resolved, that will help alleviate the emotion. After using "laughter therapy", patients are often allowed to leave hospital in advance. Only those who suffer high blood pressure or heart attack should pay attention to the extent of laughter. Knowing smile is the best for them and its role is positive.

A hospital in London brought out a special "laughter therapy"for medical treatment of coming children. They specifically invited a group of comedians to make-up into funny clowns, amusing children to laugh in order to remove the disease.

In Switzerland, many women who love beauty really laugh every day in order to resolve irritancy. According to the media,this approach really has effects for many ladies whose skins become worse due to work and life pressure. They said that the way would continue to consolidate the effectiveness of beauty.
In South Korea, "Laughter therapy" becomes more and more popular. Local governments and hospitals provide courses for training people to laugh. As a result, many South Koreans learn smile in them.
In the United States, some research institutions have been promoting laughter therapy. One hospital in Los Angeles advised patients to laugh 15 minutes a day. Some nursing homes let elders read poetry ﹑humorous stories, appreciate the comic or watch the comedy show, that is also known as "regular use of laugh agents."

It was determined by some experts that people who laugh for 4 times a day have a high percentage of long life which means more than 80 years of age.It is really amazing.

Correct Breathing

Breath is the most important enginery of people, but we know little about it and often breathe with incorrect method. In our daily life, due to artificial factor, our breaths are commonly arbitrary and irregular,most of which are superficially and short of a orderliness, so our bodies can not absorb sufficient universe energies,nervous systems will be damaged gradually and incretion systems won't function normally.The result is that our bodies will begin to lose strength and vigor and produce the usual strain and dejected feeling.
Breath changes along with age.Elder people breath more shallowly,but we have never cared for our breath forwardly. I should say that profound breath is very important for our health. It can give us agile mind, energetic strength ,and make us feel younger.Average person breathes 15-16 times per minute.
A person's lifetime breath amount is limited.People with slow breath,just as degusting air may gain long life,so adjusting breath is the essential element for our survival and the foundation of our health. Through our lungs' sucking sufficient universe energy, we can promote our hearts' blood circulation. And, the bloodstream sends energy to every part of our bodies. Therefore, , the secret of longevity is to make breath lasting long naturally.
Breath usually has three kinds: Chest breath , abdomen breath and controlled breath. The average man is using chest breath (breath of being shallow and short),a kind of bosom moves. Abdomen breath is a diaphragm going down motion, the way of trying to practise breath,which should become our existing method.
Diaphragm breath practising method: Advisable free rein posture , supination, sitting quietly or standing still. Lie or stand with feet detaching moderately,shut eyes gently , with one hand putting in the bosom , the other putting on the abdomen in order to feel diaphragm and the abdominal muscle activity. And then inhale and breathe out slow , long and thin air with your nasal cavity, don’t utter vibrating or cease. After that,enlarge regular breath process.When breathing out, you should spit out all the gases by many times , make abdominal muscle shrinking entad deliberately , and constrict your lung mildly , then breathe gas out. Subsequently, inhale air fully, abdomen involutes. You will discover napes and lower part of the rib pushing out to the outside while inhaling air, but the bosom moves only a bit. This breath is an air-breathing action formed by contraction and underdraught of the diaphragm. Practise 3-5 time every day and 3-5 minutes each time.
Diaphragm breath method has three big effects:
Baffle breath is unlike short shallow breath , which can make the
universe energy filling the entire lung , supply plentiful oxygen for the body.
Diaphragm breath will exsufflate inner waste gas , foul smell , carbon dioxide out of your body.
Diaphragm moving up and down is just like mild massage, promoting the internal organs blood circulation and strengthening the enginery.
Diaphragm breath method is to get large amount of fresh air with the fewest force, therefore it’s an extremely effective breath method.

The Effective Way To Prevent Weariness

When working or studying Unceasingly, you are easy to feel elastic fatigue. Therefore when you are tired,you can have a rest, eat some fruits , drink a cup of milk , replenish some nutrition, then you can recover very quickly and get adjustment. This is the most common way.
Sometimes, we can go outside to buy something , take a walk , ride a bicycle,so that the overall environment changes .When you return to your desk, your spirit must be more brilliant up. Otherwise ,you can take a hot bath, wash dishes , mop the floor,etc. I believe these exercises ,which make your muscles and bones moving , could also have good effects.
Sometimes when you read a book or look at a computer for long,your eyes will turn sour and your mental will become weary.If you are able to take a nap, waiting for your mind having finished a good rest, then come back to study or work again.That’s also a good way. We are always thinking of quietness when facing prolonged movement and action when facing longtime silence. Therefore you could listen to music when feeling quiet or change a quiet room when feeling noisy.You can get a relief by both ways.