Saturday, December 13, 2008

Calcium, Nap, Bask - Sub-Health Prescription

Medical experts pointed out that if a person's long-term efficiency is low, being tired easily, can’t raise spirit when doing things; or being in long-term Jittery mood, insomnia, forgettery; or being in long-term loss of appetite, sluggish spirit, anxiety and depression; or feeling weak, depressed in mood,in deterioration of human relationships, then I am afraid that this man has been living in the sub-healthy state. Sub-health is not a state which can not be adjusted, Below is a simple health prescription.
The first is to have balanced nutrition and reasonable diet.Nutrients like vitamins, fatty foods, protein, cellulose, sugar and minerals can’t be lacked in daily diet.

Secondly, vitamin has big effects. People who engage in character work or often operate a computer are easier to get ocular fatigue, decreased vision. Vitamin A has a certain effect to prevent visual weakening,so it is necessary to eat more fish, liver, leek, and other food.People who often stay in office have less opportunity to expose in the sun, then they need to eat more fish, chicken liver, and other foods rich in vitamin D. when people are under enormous psychological pressure, the consumption of vitamin C will be increased significantly, so they should eat as many fresh vegetables, fruits as possible.

Third, calcium supplements can soothe the nerves. Drinking milk, dairy products such as yogurt, eating dried fish, bone soup, and other calcium-rich foods can avoid anger and prevent the occurrence of aggressive behavior, playing a role in sedation.

Fourth, take more care of yourself after dinner party.People often go out for dinner party lack vitamins and minerals,so they should eat more vegetables, fruits, bean products, kelp, laver, and other foods.

Fifth, the alcaline food can be anti-fatigue. After a lot of manual labor,too many metabolism things are accumulated in human body, resulting in acidic fluid, so that people have a sense of fatigue. In order to maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, you can eat more fruit-based alkaline food, such as watermelon, peach, plum, apricot, lychee, melon, cherry, strawberry and so on.

Sixth, basking can be refreshing. Exposure to sunlight can make your sentiment strong, and you’ll be willing to engage in challenging activities. And basking in the morning light for half an hour has a particular effect for those often being sluggish, or having a tendency to depression.

Seventh, nap in the afternoon can be effective. About half an hour’s nap can ensure the efficiency in the afternoon.You’d better lie in bed or sofa, extending your body. Don’t bend over the table for sleeping, so as not to limit the air by your posture and tense up your neck and back muscles,or you will feel very uncomfortable after waking up and are prone to chronic neck and shoulder disease. In addition, extracting some time for sit-in and relaxation every day,or sparing a few days in a year or a month from the cities into forests, regulating your nerve in nature, which are all conducive to the elimination of sub-health state.
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