Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feel the pulse to know your health

Hi,everyone, tell you a trick, you can know your own health through feeling your pulse. When getting cold, lightly press your hand on the oar artery, if you can clearly aware of the pulse beat,it’s commonly referred to as the floating pulse. If you have to push hard to touch the pulse of the beating, it’s called deep pulse,usually seen in a number of chronic diseases, showing that the deeper lesion has been involved in internal organs. Faster beating pulse is called number pulse, which mostly reflects the the disease of heat. Slowing down pulse, known as the tardy pulse, is the reflection of cold in disease. Feeble beating pulse is called empty pulse, which is known as lacking of healthy energy. A strong pulse, known as the real pulse, expresses high healthy energy.So, if you feel unwell, through feeling your pulse, you can generally realize your own health and decide what to do next. You may have a try.

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