Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Effective Way To Prevent Weariness

When working or studying Unceasingly, you are easy to feel elastic fatigue. Therefore when you are tired,you can have a rest, eat some fruits , drink a cup of milk , replenish some nutrition, then you can recover very quickly and get adjustment. This is the most common way.
Sometimes, we can go outside to buy something , take a walk , ride a bicycle,so that the overall environment changes .When you return to your desk, your spirit must be more brilliant up. Otherwise ,you can take a hot bath, wash dishes , mop the floor,etc. I believe these exercises ,which make your muscles and bones moving , could also have good effects.
Sometimes when you read a book or look at a computer for long,your eyes will turn sour and your mental will become weary.If you are able to take a nap, waiting for your mind having finished a good rest, then come back to study or work again.That’s also a good way. We are always thinking of quietness when facing prolonged movement and action when facing longtime silence. Therefore you could listen to music when feeling quiet or change a quiet room when feeling noisy.You can get a relief by both ways.


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