Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yoga,a special body distillate

This is an introduction of our updated exercise.
Yoga can help you stabilize your emotion , improve your attention, remove mental pressure and fret mood , and restore your life vigor. People nowadays care more for higher living quality, thus the Well-being concept is introduced to daily life. Yoga is one of the most classic ways in it. It can reach therapy effect by body balance and quick contraction and relaxation of muscle. Yoga is the updated research results of body science.It has great influence in muscle,ligamentum, nervous system and skeleton,and is a very special human body strengthening treatment.
Yoga has the following effects: First,through various posture such as high and low , left and right , front and back inversion actions,you can make the locations,which don’t move often in the ordinary time,also active, thereby rectifying your backbone.Second,yoga promotes intestine's expansion and shrinkage motion by various actions. It can stabilize the inner environment of respiratory,circulatory and hormonal system, help people to keep fine mental state.At last, this motion has good effects to promote a steatolysis and make a body shape. One thing you should be aware is that although it is a static exercise,it’s also an exquisite aerobic exercise,having a very high heat consumption.
Here I introduce secrets of body shape aimed yoga.

subtract redundant meat from the waist , buttock and ankle
Yoga can strengthen hepar and gallbladder's function , rectify skew backbone and locations such as shoulder , pelvis. This way has a good effect to get rid of redundant meat from your waist , buttock , calf and ankle.
1.Flatly open your legs , with the gap a bit
greater than your shoulder width.
2. Your left foot rotates 90 degree and right foot
rotates 30 degree or so.
3. stretch two arms out to the side.
4. While making air-breathing , lean against left slowly.

subtract redundant dreadful abdomen meat
Subtract redundant meat from elongating the back , contracting abdomen. Yogaespecially can help you harmonize abdomen and waist equilibrium state , making these two locations form a beautiful curve.
1. Make your legs forward and big toes combined together.
2. Rise your waist, inhale air and hold up your
arms forward.
3. Exhale , curve the upper part of your body, make your forehead or the lower
jaw stick to your leg,with your hands holding tiptoes.

Remove dropsy and lower limbs adiposity
Yoga can stimulate your pelvis , abdomen , keep the health of your kidney , prostate, bladder , lighten agony of urine system patients,treat hucklebone neuralgia,and help to nurse unsteady women’s Menstrual Cycle.
1. Sit in ground , curve your knees, move your feet to your body.
2. Open your thigh and stick soles of your feet together.
3. Cross your two hands together and hold your feet tightly,then erect your backbone.
4. Exhale , with the upper part of your body slowly curving forward.
5. Inhale, rise your busto gradually in the order of your head , chest and abdomen.

Remove redundant shoulder meat and cure constipation
Yoga can elongate your back muscle, make it especially soft ,prevent and cure the prolapse phenomenon of your backbone and kidney. Each arthrosis of your backbone will be elongated, that can promote blood circulation and thereby attain the effect of preventing ageing. And it also has an effect to cure chronic constipation, removing redundant meat of your shoulder and back.
1. Lean your back against the ground ,with your face upward.
2. Put your palms on the ground next to buttock.
3 Hook in the tiptoe and the mandible entad.
4.Stand up with your feet at an angle of 45 degree, and put them on your head.

Remove the redundant meat of side waist
Curve your abdomen extremely.It can reduce the weight of your abdomen and waist,eliminate your pain of back or waist ,at the same time loosen the stiff muscle of your neck and shoulder.
1. Sit in ground , stand straight after curving your legs.
2. Curve you left leg with your left ankle put on the right of your buttock.
3. Lift your right leg , put your sole outside your left leg and erect your knee.
4. Lift your standing knee of right leg by using your left arm
5. Move your right hand to the back and twist your body. Look at the finger tip at the right side of your back.

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